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Crafters break – moving and its power to destroy time/I did start some daisy knit

So, nearly a month break from the craft blog! Shame on me. Moving has turned my life into a never-ending maze of cardboard boxes and thus the knitting slipped off the radar.

It’s a sad story, I know. Plus side is planting out veggies has been very much on the agenda – so at least one meditative practice has been adhered to:


Prior to the moving chaos, I had begun a daisy stitch project. I initially purchased the 100% cotton wool to make socks, and then in my knitting naivety realised it wasn’t the appropriate wool for sock-making. Thus, a plan was born for a daisy stitch cushion cover:




This was knit up on 3mm needles.

Now, I’m not sure what I think of daisy stitch. I knit quite tightly and this makes daisy stitch quite clunky for me; slow progress all round. Still I shall persevere and make up my mind once I have a finished product in hand.

Guess that means I best get on and pick up the needles again.

Here are some shots of me doing the stitch itself:







– Charlie


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I'm Charlie Parker. Whilst I don't play sax I do play the ukulele. I'm a digital marketing professional living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I am prone to wanderlust, I ❤️ children's books and am a dedicated knitter.

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