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Free-style snood in moss stitch

It’s been far too long since I posted, I think it’s partly travelling, partly starting a new job and partly Christmas…excuses aside, I have finally finished a project! And, it’s a snood that I can actually wear. Result.

I’m often trying freestyle knitting – just sort of grabbing some wool and needles, and just starting something…this invariably goes wrong.

I had started knitting with this chunky purple wool on my size 6 circular needles. When it knitted up so densely that it held itself up, I thought better of the needle size.

So this is knitted up on size 12 needles in chunky purple:

I’m really pleased with the end product – I cast on 23 stitches and knitted the entire thing in moss stitch, sewing up the ends when I was happy with the length.

Next up I’m going to try something from a brand new purchase of mine – and I have some rather beautiful angora to use on these:
Excited about knitting from this book, and as you can see from the photo there is plenty of colour work in these patterns!

– Charlie


About thisischarlie

I'm Charlie Parker, one half of the craft duo Danni and Charlie do craft. I love crafting in all its guises, from baking to knitting to growing vegetables (which most definitely IS a craft). I am all about local - local wool, local shops, local communities. I am a novice drawer and doodler, my plan is to be better and do my own illustration zine and then hit the road with my wool and bearded Canadian. These are my dreams. Thank you for visiting my blogs.

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