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Tutorial: How to Make a Pompom Necklace

Hello crafters! I hope you’ve all had as lovely an afternoon as I have! Me and one my best pals spent the afternoon crafting and generally having a lovely time. We got out the tea, the wine and the wool and had a good old catch up whilst creating as well – bliss.

Whilst she worked on her crochet, I was knitting and making lots of pompoms (pom poms, pom-poms, pom pons?!) and I decided it was about time we put a tutorial on here, so here it is:

To make a pompom necklace, you will need:


–          Scissors

–          Pliers

–          Wire cutters

–          A length of jewellery chain (I used about 75cm)

–          Jewellery wire (to match chain)

–          2 jump rings (to watch chain)

–          Lobster clasp (to match chain)

–          Wool

–          A pompom maker (or two cardboard circles)

–          A large bead

First, open up one side of the pompom maker and start wrapping the wool around.


Once you have wrapped the wool round on both sides, you need to cut it.


Tie a secure knot in the middle, make sure it’s nice and tight! Then knot again to ensure it holds in place.


Move the arms back and pull the pompom maker apart.


Fluff up your pompom and trim any long bits (except the wool you used to tie the middle section).  Make a loop by tying up those long ends, then trim off the excess.


 Make the loop using the longer strand from the knot.


Take some wire and the jewellery pliers. Thread the wire through the loop and bend round the pliers till you have a loop.


Secure the loop by wrapping the wire round twice like so.


Trim off the excess wire using wire cutters.


Now add the bead to the wire, bend wire at the top into a loop, wrap round twice and trim off excess.


 Thread the chain through the loop at the top of the bead. Take the first jump ring, split it apart and secure to one end of the chain using the pliers. Take the other jump ring, add the lobster clasp and secure both to the other end of the chain.


 And voila! Your very own pompom necklace.


If you don’t want to make your own, you can always head over to my Etsy shop to buy one that’s been handmade for you!

Happy crafting,



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