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Another first – our first blogger event!

If I tell you that Danni and I were excited to be asked to our first ever blogger event, it would only just about be sufficient enough as a description; we were well-chuffed. Not only that, but it was for the Craft Candy app launch, and we’d recently partnered with them for our first ever blog competition! A lot of firsts. It was nearly our first ever business cards, but we ran out of time for those.

The team at Craft Candy put on an awesome event with (wait for it) goodie bags!! A win every time in my book. The goodie bags were not only polka dot, but also full of all kinds of awesome and amazing things. Check out my Vine post which shows just some of the awesome content.

And of course a picture of the bag itself:

Craft Candy launch goodie bag

This sums up how two bloggers feel about a goodie bag (imagine my being this happy too!):

iPhone 4 April 2013 747

It’s what’s on the inside that counts; and look what’s inside!

iPhone 4 April 2013 751

And then there were cakes, from the fabulous The Tea’s Knees (their banoffee cupcake was devilishly good):

iPhone 4 April 2013 748

Things just got better and better, the cupcakes were amazing and made for a fantastic dinner:

iPhone 4 April 2013 753

And then there was gin; oh the ruin! But despite the groggy head the next morning, this grog was pretty darned good. Gin courtesy of Bermondsey Gin which (a fella told me on the way out) you can buy in Harrods:

iPhone 4 April 2013 749

iPhone 4 April 2013 750

There were balloons and fairy lights *swoon*:

iPhone 4 April 2013 755

Then I discovered shrinky dink for the first time, and Danni and I considered various brand approaches in the form of wearing our names around our necks (not at all cult like):

iPhone 4 April 2013 768

Danni and I certainly showed the love for the Maid of Gingerbread “tweet” cookies, it got even better when our very own blog name appeared on one. Excitement (fuelled by the gin and shrinky dink fun) was at fever pitch:

iPhone 4 April 2013 757

Danni is so much better at photos than me!

iPhone 4 April 2013 771

iPhone 4 April 2013 764

More awesome eats from Maid of Gingerbread:

iPhone 4 April 2013 759

And, if you haven’t already – download the FREE Craft Candy app to get listings for crafty pursuits around the UK. Danni and I had a fantastic time at this event, we met some wonderful crafters, ate glorious cakes and marinated in some rather fabulous gin. Now, better get on with some crafting. Thank you for inviting us Craft Candy! 


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I'm Charlie Parker. Whilst I don't play sax I do play the ukulele. I'm a digital marketing professional living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I am prone to wanderlust, I ❤️ children's books and am a dedicated knitter.

One comment on “Another first – our first blogger event!

  1. Zoe

    Love this post, your images are Awesome. Thanks for coming & of course downloading our App – The Craft Candy Team

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