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My Craft Kit – PENS!


Ever since I can remember I’ve been a huge fan of pens! When I was younger my hand writing was appalling. As I was a leftie writing with a fountain pen (not sure why my very average school insisted on this) I smeared all my writing, so to compensate I started writing down the page instead of across. As a result, my handwriting became a wonky, loopy monster and has never really recovered! The only thing that can really improve it is a good pen, and my favourite has to be the trusty Paper Mate Flair in Medium.


It’s also quite fun for drawing little cartoons as it’s so smooth – it was my staple when drawing in my travel journal.

Tuna page


You might be forgiven for thinking I am a bit of a “woolist” (word I made up); that is to say, my craft centres around wool; wool is the centre; wool brings it and owns it….ok, so I admit, wool is just fabulous and one of my most favourite things to work with.

But, sometimes, nothing quite hits the mark like good ol’pen n’paper…and that brings me to this week’s joint post.

We love pens!

I have recently treated myself to the most awesome Pentel Brush Pen – here to help your doodles work just that little bit harder.

Charlie Bird

I was inspired to buy this pen from reading Emitown – an endearing diary graphic novel which I absolutely adored, not least for the awesome drawings Emi drew with the aforementioned pen. You should buy both.

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