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Owls, owls, owls…an owl I’ve knitted using a Donna Wilson pattern

You may remember a few week’s ago, I professed my unbridled love of owls. And, as if to doubly drive home the point, I am today writing on an owl pattern I have knitted with my very own hands and brain power…well, aside from the fact it was a Donna Wilson pattern from The Knitted Odd bunch book…

The owl pattern has a core colour work element to it, which I love doing and is one of the reasons why I chose this pattern. I also wanted to make something for a lady I work with who recently went on maternity leave; her little one is called Olive, and this owl just happened to bear her namesake.

I started this project thinking I’d have Olive finished in all but a couple of weeks; four months later I was done. This is not testament to the pattern’s difficulty, but rather my own life/work distractions. The thing I finished the quickest was the first panel and colour work part – this was incredibly satisfying:

At the very beginning

At the very beginning

The first panel came on really well, and I was really pleased with the results. I find any colourwork like this hinges on you keeping the strands as loose as possible, whilst maintaining some tension in order to ensure there aren’t too many gaps in the joins. Getting it right just takes practice:


Front panel finished

This demonstrates the kind of tension you need, you don’t want too tight otherwise the panel won’t lay flat:

It's always chaos on the WS - beautiful chaos, but chaos none-the-less

It’s always chaos on the WS, beautiful chaos, but chaos none-the-less

If you wanted to practice some colour work, you could just take rows 19-31 and work those to get a feel of what you need to do:


The colourwork pattern

This is me working the base panel, and spreading my stuff out, you may recognise the wool from a hat I knitted last year. It’s really beautiful wool from Scotland, I buy online from Tangled Yarn:


Nearing the end now!

Sewing up the back plain and front colour work panels was a little tricky, but I was happy with the end result:


So fluffy!

You can see where sometimes my tension was a bit too tight on the colour work, I didn’t block this piece but if I had it may have helped. I just couldn’t bring myself to in case I lost any of the fluffiness of the angora:


And the stuffing begins

Once I got Olive stuffed I was really pleased with the result, a lovely pattern; and I gave her a little wooden heart button nose:


After getting this far, the glass of wine was well deserved.

And here’s the finished Olive, what do you think?


With some of my other bedside critters



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4 comments on “Owls, owls, owls…an owl I’ve knitted using a Donna Wilson pattern

  1. She’s adorable! I’m sure Olive will love Olive!

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