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My Paper Craft Kit

Recently I have become quite obsessed with paper crafts, perhaps due to the fact that I’ve been making a lot of birthday cards. There are so many exciting tools, types of paper and various supplies that make each thing you make so different! And it doesn’t cost the earth to get started (though I may have splurged a little recently).

So for this post I thought I would share the essentials from my paper craft kit:

Paper craft kit 2

 Metal ruler, cutting board, utility knife and scalpel

I am a huge hoarder of scraps of paper and I love to cut various designs into them for cards and book covers. I also use the utility knife with the metal ruler to make envelopes, cut around book covers and trim cards down. These items are all widely available at most good art supply shops.

Washi tape

Washi tape deserves a whole blog post to itself! Or even a whole blog! The uses are infinite. I really like using it in a collage way, by just tearing strips and adding them to cards and scrapbook covers:

 Eve's card

I also add it to jewellery, pencils and even dull drawers! Washi tape is becoming easier to find in the UK now and is widely available online – there’s a huge variety on Etsy. It’s also popping up in art supply shops and general crafting shops too.

Eyelet tool and eyelets

This Crop-a-Dile tool is amazing! It takes all the strain out of adding eyelets as it’s so easy to use. I use this to make the little discs that secure the ties around the middle of my scrapbooks. I have to say, a good eyelet tool is not so easy to source here and I had to do a lot of digging around. I finally found one at Sir Stampalot and I was really pleased with it. The hole punches on the side are reason enough to buy it – they can punch through anything!

Paper punches

Paper punches are great because again you can utilise that scrap paper to make great shapes to stick on anything. My new favourite punch is this Martha Stewart lace edge punch as you can add a lace border to your paper creations – the result is really cute. I’ve never seen the Martha Stewart punches in physical shops in the UK (if you have please let me know!) but you can buy them online at Fred Aldous. If you’re in or around Manchester I would highly recommend a trip to this shop – it is perhaps one of the best crafts stores I have ever set foot in! I went a little crazy with the purchasing.

Scrap paper

This kit would not be complete without all the random paper I’ve hoarded over the years. Anything from pretty paper bags to cute receipts and spare doilies makes its way into my scrap paper drawer and I have so much fun rifling through it for some inspiration. I know it’s bad to hoard too much but I just love reusing/recycling/re-purposing.

– Danni

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