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Book Review: Let’s Draw Cute Animals

Cute animals

Sachiko Umoto is a Japanese illustrator whose work I just love – her illustrations are really cute and she comes across as so warm and friendly. Recently I was having a bit of glum day – I think I had spent too long in my bedroom crafting in isolation and mulling things over and before I knew it I had got myself into quite a grump. I decided I needed a little pick-me-up so I reached for my most recent purchase, a copy of Sachiko’s book Let’s Draw Cute Animals, from her Illustration School series. I just sat down and had a go at following some of her suggestions and copying some of her illustrations and it was just so relaxing – her tone is nice and encouraging and the instructions are easy to follow. I love to have a good sketch but sometimes my mind just goes blank so it’s great to have a flick through this book for some inspiration.

Draw Dog

There are also some helpful suggestions for illustrating in general, and as Sachiko notes in the beginning of the book, they say that “learning” begins by “imitating”, and I feel like I’ve already learnt a lot.


The book was originally published in Japan by BNN (I just love their books so much!) but luckily it is also published in English in the UK and the USA by Quarry Books. It’s definitely worth purchasing in English as her comments are a big part of the joy of this book!

You can find your local bookshop here.

– Danni

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3 comments on “Book Review: Let’s Draw Cute Animals

  1. cheekygeeks

    Oh! I have this book! I got it about a month or so ago but haven’t yet had time to do much other than have a quick look-through. I cannot wait to have a proper sit-down & try it out, though… maybe next time I’m glum I’ll crack it open myself! 🙂

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