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Sunny Crafternoons and Avril Yarn

Hello crafters,

I cannot believe how lovely the weather has been in London recently! I know it’s sad to talk about the weather but if you have been in the UK for the last 6 months you will understand. Naturally the first thing I did was spread out my blanket, invite my craft companion Eve over, get some food on the go and enjoy some making in the sun.


I’ve been making stock for my Etsy shop as I’m trying to diversify what I have in there, so the main thing I worked on yesterday was my tassel necklaces. A lot of my crafting is about textile love and using textiles in jewellery-making, so I was very excited when I found a way to use the gorgeous yarns from Avril in Japan (you can see their sample pages here).


As with anything I make, I “road tested” it first – which is basically an excuse to make one for myself and then wear it for the next two weeks to see if a) anyone likes it and b) it will survive everyday wear and tear. Luckily this necklace passed both a) and b) so it’s now on my shop! I can’t wait to see how it does.

I also made this bracelet.


However it may be a bit warm for that at the moment as it’s mainly made from wool and mohair!

I’m sure I’ve gone on about Avril loads (especially in our podcast!) but their fancy yarns really are useful for so many things. I’ve used them as ribbon for gift wrapping, ties for my sketchbooks, adornments for my washi necklaces (pictures coming soon) and now as an extra colour pop in my wool bracelets. Here are a few of my favourites.


You buy them by weight which is great if you only have a small project in mind (or, like me, small funds). You can order them on their site here which I’m really thrilled about as I don’t think my next trip to Japan will be for a while! I could spend ages going through all the different yarns and their names (my favourite at the moment is Pafu) and fear not, it’s in both English and Japanese, so it’s easy to navigate around.

Right, I’m off for a walk in the sunshine (and maybe another dip in Hampstead pond!)

– Danni

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Hey! I'm the Danni half of the craft blog Danni and Charlie Do Craft. Maker, knitter, traveller who loves a good story & keeping it natural. I have one foot in Europe and the other in E Asia. 我会说一点汉语

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