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Geometric craft – embroidery, knitting and jewellery

Hello lovely crafters,

I’d just like to extend Danni’s message of apology for my lack of posts recently – what a busy few weeks have been had all round. There are lots of crafty plans in the pipeline which we hope to announce soon, and I have also recently returned from a month in North America, where I did stumble upon (as well as seek out) some rather lovely knit and craft shops. More on those to follow.

I wanted to make a come back with this post about geometric craft. I’ve recently noticed more and more of this appearing both across blogs, with crafty friends of mine and I’ve been seeing a lot on Pinterest. So I thought I’d do a little rundown on the blog.

I think Fair Isle lends itself really well to the geometric style – I guess partly because it follows the kind of patterns you get in cross stitch which also lends. For some really excellent examples of geometric Fair Isle patterns, have a look at this blog post by Unique and Handmade.

I’ve been working through a few Fair Isle patterns, just practising making simple bands working with some spare wool I have kicking around:

Example of the recent piece I've been working on

Example of the recent piece I’ve been working on

Close up - the colourways could definitely be better so that the pattern pops out more

Close up – the colour way could definitely be better so that the pattern pops out more

So here some other examples of geometric crafting I’ve dug out.

First up: geometric embroidery. I absolutely love these – they look so simple but a closer look shows the detail and complexity of the pieces.

These Hide the Good Scissors embroidery pieces which I found out about from the Upstate Fancy blog.

MaricorMaricar GobeNice 6

Beautiful, geometric, crisp work from Maricor and Maricar design team.

Next: geometric knitting. I am just in awe. I’m thinking my next knitting skill has to be attempting something close to this.

Chevron Crown - knitted coral statement necklace with chain and bead detail

Recently discovered on Etsy from a UK designer and maker Amy Lawrence Designs. Just a stunning piece and one I’d really like to own. There are so many more examples over on her shop, check it out on Etsy.

Finally: geometric jewellery design.

Geometric Necklace - Prism & Triangles Minimalist Necklace in Black

Geometric necklace by iluxo over on Etsy – I’m seeing this kind of design on the high street all the time. I really love the simple lines, makes for a really eye-catching piece.

Geometric Bib Necklace, Neon Color Block Kaleidoscope, Triangle Leather Necklace

Geometric, colourful and textile based – I discovered this one through the blog The Audacity of Colour. See more from the designer of the necklace, BooandBoo based in Chicago, over on Etsy.

Simple and beautiful earrings from GrundledGrundled over on Etsy

All this makes me want to go shopping and start knitting simultaneously.


PS. Danni and I have just launched a new Twitter feed. Follow us over here…

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