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TESTERS WANTED – Handmade Ami Papercraft Kit

Hello crafters,

I hope everyone had a nice weekend. Mine has been quite busy but very inspiring and productive! On Saturday I met up with the awesome people from the London Etsy Sellers Meetup organised by the fabulous Larissa aka Travel Knitter. Everyone was at various stages with their Etsy shops – some hadn’t set them up yet, some had only just started and some had even become full time Etsy shop owners. It was great to chat to people going through the same issues as me and they were all so friendly and helpful – I’ve made a lot of changes to my Handmade Ami shop this evening. The main thing I did was to  add worldwide shipping. I’ve been reluctant to do this as I was worried about the costs of shipping etc, but everyone assured me that this is not an issue on Etsy and most sales come from outside the UK – good to know! One of the things I love about setting up an Etsy shop is that you’re always learning and there’s so much more you can do. So with this is mind I want to introduce you to a new product in my shop and ask for your help.

Paper Craft Kit

Papercraft kit 2

My new paper craft kits are designed to either give people an introduction to the joys of paper crafting without breaking the bank (buying all these things separately can really add up!) or inspire those who already have an interest with a carefully curated selection of different materials.

Papercraft kit 1 - labels - small

The kits include:

– 8 x 20cm of washi tape
– 2 x 10cm bakers twine
– 4 x sheets of origami paper
– 1 x white doily
– 1 x coloured doily
– Assorted stickers (see picture)
– 7 x die-cut paper buttons
– 6 x die-cut scalloped circles
– 1 x blank greeting card
– 1 x blank gift tag
– 1 x blank mini sketch book (16 blank pages (32 sides) of recycled acid-free cartridge paper, 130gsm)

Now here’s where the help comes in! I have two kits to giveaway to two testers. I would love some honest feedback on the variety of items included in the pack, ideas about what else could be added, what could be removed and what you think is a fair price. FYI colours may vary slightly from the picture.

If you would like to review one of my paper craft kits just drop me an email on handmadeamishop [AT] gmail [DOT] com and I’ll pick the two names out of a hat on Sunday 13th October.

– Danni

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2 comments on “TESTERS WANTED – Handmade Ami Papercraft Kit

  1. travelknitter

    Oooh I’d love to test a kit! You’d get feedback from an absolute novice – I’m the sort of person who collects stationery without knowing what to do with it!

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