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Christmas Market Mayhem

Hello crafters,

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends! I’ve been hard at work, crafting my socks off in preparation for my first ever stall at a Christmas craft fair. As it’s a small affair at a friend’s law firm, I’m not sure what to expect! So I’ve tried to keep the selection of items simple (I don’t want it to look like a crazy jumble sale!) but varied. However whilst I intend my stall to look tidy, my flat certainly isn’t! Just look at the chaos – I managed to spread myself across the whole flat, starting with my desk.


I tried to get a little production line of sorts going, but it meant that essentially I just had various work stations set up in nearly every room that I flitted between as I became uncomfortable. This half of the desk was (quite obviously) the washi application work station. I used it to decorate sketch books, notebooks, jewellery and bookmarks.  This photo has really made me realise I have a problem when it comes to washi tape (and the worst part is there’s still more in the desk drawer!)

Desk 2

The second half of the desk was the “varnish application” work station. I apply several layers of varnish to the jewellery and egg cups to protect the washi tape from getting damaged. I also apply decoupage varnish to some of the customised sketch books to prevent anything coming off. This part is really time consuming and requires a lot of time as each layer of varnish takes a while to dry.

Living room - craft packs

The living room floor became the “craft packs” work station. Here I did the stamping, the die-cuts, the washi winding (check out the lolly sticks) and the assembling. There was paper everywhere and it was quite a minefield to walk through.

Living room - brooches

The only remaining space in the living room was devoted to tagging my finished products and keeping them safe in various boxes. This part of the process is quite satisfying, especially when the number of products are starting to build up, calming my fears of an empty little stall with not enough items!


Sadly I had run out of space on the floor/desks for a “fancy yarn brooch” work station, so I moved to the bed! This was actually quite nice and gave my poor back a rest. It was also quite toasty as I could tuck my cold feet in.

All this flat chaos has made me wonder how all you full time crafters cope, you must be super efficient with your use of space! Maybe it’s something you get better at with practice. I only have two weeks to go until the craft fair so hopefully I’ll improve. And I must admit, it’s been a lot of fun! Even if I don’t sell a thing at this fair I’m glad I’ve made the time to sit down and get a lot done – anything left over can go up on my Etsy shop.

– Danni


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4 comments on “Christmas Market Mayhem

  1. travelknitter

    I love this post! I’ve never quite been brave enough to show photos of my pre-market mayhem – especially as it involves all sorts of manouevers to get yarn dry in winter! I’m sure your stall will be great. Will you have time to come along for a cuppa on Saturday with the Etsy Sellers Group?

    • Thanks! It was so funny I couldn’t resist. Sadly I can’t make this Saturday as I’m away, I hope you all have a lovely time!

  2. cjpinlondon

    Great work partner! Looks awesome and I’m gonna need to get me one of those Avril Yarn brooches – love them.xx

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