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TUTORIAL: Washi Tape Egg Cups

Hello crafters,

Whilst a lot of people are getting fed up with all the early Christmas ads etc, I have to admit that it’s already been on my mind, and I’m sure a lot of crafters are the same. If you want to add that handmade touch to the holidays you really do need to start planning ahead, otherwise you end up in a stressed out mess like I did a couple of years ago (I actually got RSI in my wrist from desperately crocheting up to the last minute!)

With that in mind, I’ve decided to get cracking now, and one of the presents I’m going to be giving my friends this year are a set of washi tape egg cups (I’m not sure why but I have a lot of friends who use egg cups). I came up with this idea when I was on the hunt for some cute egg cups for my new flat – I was really disappointed with what was on offer and I wished it was something I could make myself. However, it didn’t all come together until I found these plain wooden egg cups. When I saw them I was thrilled and bought several in one go!

They’re really easy to make and what’s great is that you can tailor each one for its recipient. All you need is some washi tape,  a plain wooden egg cup, some decopatch varnish (this brand is suitable for use on food utensils) and a paintbrush.

What you'll need

First off, make sure your egg cup is nice and clean. Then add your washi tape.

Add washi tape

Once you’ve added it, add your first layer of varnish. When the varnish has dried (I usually wait a few hours) add another layer of varnish. I try to add at least ten layers (obviously I do this over the course of several days). It seems like a lot but you want to make sure it can withstand a good scrub if you spill egg yolk on it.


And voila! One washi tape egg cup.

Washi Tape egg Cup

A set of these make a really nice, handmade Christmas gift. They also make a great gift for yourself!

– Danni


About hedanni (Danni Haughan)

Hey! I'm the Danni half of the craft blog Danni and Charlie Do Craft. Maker, knitter, traveller who loves a good story & keeping it natural. I have one foot in Europe and the other in E Asia. 我会说一点汉语

4 comments on “TUTORIAL: Washi Tape Egg Cups

  1. lottieknits

    Ooh, lovely! What a cute idea, I’ve never tried washi tape, but every time you mention it I think I must get some.

    • Thanks! I’m always trying to think up new uses for it to make use of the huge stash I’m building up (it’s starting to rival my yarn stash, it’s crazy!) If you send me an address I can post you some samples on a lolly stick to have a go with, it can be re-stuck so it’s perfect for sharing 🙂

      • lottieknits

        Aww that’s really kind of you, but I’m so busy at the moment that I won’t have time to have a play 😦 thanks for thinking of me though xx

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