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Hello crafters,

I don’t know about you guys but I personally love to have something good to listen to whilst I’m crafting, especially if I’m doing something quite calm and repetitive. I’ve realised I have different listens for different types of crafts and also for different moods! If I’m knitting or crocheting a simple pattern I might want to be entertained, in which case I like to listen to audiobooks. I might also want to have a think, in which case I might listen to the Economist audio editions. If I want something a bit lighter, maybe with a giggle or two, I’ll listen to the Bugle podcast. When I’m doing something more involved I’ll listen to music. Listening is such a huge part of my crafting and, as I work in audio, I’m so curious to know what other people listen to – or if they listen to anything at all.

I’ve collected together some of my favourite listens of the last few months, I hope you like them!


All That I Am by Anna Funder

The narrators do such an amazing job in this audiobook, I was completely gripped and got so emotional by the end. I listened to this whilst knitting a simple snood in the round so I didn’t need to concentrate very hard on my work.

Moominsummer Madness by Tove Jansson

I love Hugh Dennis, I love the Moomins – what was not to like? Some amazing character voices and lovely intro music too. I listen to this when I’m paper crafting, or on those rare occasions when I go running – I really don’t enjoy it so this takes my mind off how tired I am!


The Bugle podcast really makes me laugh, and I often listen to this when I can’t sleep. But it’s the Economist that seems to grip me a lot at the moment. My boyfriend always has it on in the kitchen when he’s cooking or washing and I’ve started to knit along to it. I seem to take in the news so much more in audio than in text.


I’ve recently been loving the work of Lullatone, a Japan based duo of loveliness whose music was just made for crafternoons with washi tape, pens and a Pritt Stick. You can buy their music on Bandcamp, the most awesomely easy place to download music in the format you want. I have been recommending them everywhere so it was inevitable that I would share them with you guys! And check out the cute album artwork!

Does anyone else like to have a listen when they’re crafting? And if so, what would you recommend?

– Danni


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Hey! I'm the Danni half of the craft blog Danni and Charlie Do Craft. Maker, knitter, traveller who loves a good story & keeping it natural. I have one foot in Europe and the other in E Asia. 我会说一点汉语

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