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HOW TO: Rainy Day Rubber Cut Cards


Hello crafters,

I don’t know about you guys but I secretly love a rainy day as it means I can justify sitting in all day and crafting. There’s nothing cosier than a cup of tea and a nice cardy when it’s cold outside. I’ve got Lullatone on and my craft mess out. Bliss.

I’ve recently been having a go at making my own rubber stamps and I have to say it’s a lot of fun! It was quite hard at first and I went through a lot of rubber which was a pain as I soon realised it’s quite hard to get hold of here in the UK, and pretty pricey too! I’d brought back quite a lot from my last visit to Japan where you can get it at Daiso (a 100 yen shop – even cheaper than pound shops but so much better!) To satisfy my immediate need for rubber I turned to the humble eraser, which I have to say is actually much nicer and easier to cut!

One thing I’ve noticed when using rubber cuts is that the simple designs really can be the most effective. I’m therefore going to show you how to reproduce one of my favourites 🙂

Here’s what you need:

– Cutting mat

– Craft knife

– Eraser

– Ink pads

– Blank card


For this design we just need to make a simple triangle, so to start with make a cut into the rubber as below about 2 mm deep. PLEASE BE VERY CAREFUL OF YOUR FINGERS!!!


We want to lift away the corner, so make a cut into the side of the rubber about 2 mm again but running horizontal as below.


You should eventually meet up with the vertical cut you made at the start so the corner will come away. Repeat for the other side.


At this point you need to cut the rubber clean in half, or about two mm away from where you want the bottom of the triangle to be.


Then make the same vertical then horizontal cuts as you did for the corners along the bottom of the triangle and voila! You’re now ready to get stamping.


I like to use the lovely pastel coloured stamps by Aladine and Versa Colour which you can buy from Cass Art and Fred Aldous. I usually stamp with one colour at a time so I don’t have to keep washing and wiping my stamp. So pink went on first, then orange then blue.


And here’s one I made earlier! What do you think?


Of course you can use whatever shapes you want, but the more complicated the design the more cutting tools you are likely to need. There are a few out there with changeable heads to give you a variety of tools such as the Speedball cutter. You have better luck searching for “lino cutter” than “rubber cutter” as there a lot more sets out there for this, but the cutter works for both – in fact I think they work better on the rubber!

Have fun stamping!

– Danni

About hedanni (Danni Haughan)

Hey! I'm the Danni half of the craft blog Danni and Charlie Do Craft. Maker, knitter, traveller who loves a good story & keeping it natural. I have one foot in Europe and the other in E Asia. 我会说一点汉语

2 comments on “HOW TO: Rainy Day Rubber Cut Cards

  1. lottieknits

    What a great idea 🙂 I still have lots of rubber stamps from my rubber stamping phase many, many moons ago (when I was about 10) but recently I’ve tried embossing powder with my ink pads. You can create really interesting effects with shapes punched out of thick vellum, coloured with an ink pad and then sprinkled with embossed powder and cured (clear pearlescent powder is particularly good as it picks up the colour of you ink pad). They look almost enamelled when they’re done!

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