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BOOK REVIEW: Handmade Zakka and Craft

Hello crafters,

It’s no secret that I am completely obsessed with Japanese craft books and I’m slowly but surely filling my craft shelf with them (I have so many books that there is no longer any room on any of my bookcases, I’m using any surface I have left!)

I love so many things about Japanese craft books, from the layout to the paper, the photos to the fonts. They are compact, colourful and so inspiring – perfect for a relaxing bath time peruse or to cheer you up on a bleak commute.

I want to share this passion so I’m going to be reviewing one of my personal faves, Handmade Zakka and Craft. The reason I’ve picked this book  (apart from the fact that I love it) is because it is easy to buy here in the UK on the Waterstones website or internationally on Wordery (free worldwide delivery! Thanks I will).


As with a lot of Japanese craft books, the design and the layout is just perfect – so simple and cute but with so much detail, in fact very zakka I guess! The paper is really nice and it gives the photos a lovely, soft matt look. This book is really visual so it’s not really a problem if you can’t read Japanese (and I should know as I can’t!)


They also feature several crafters and artists and it’s only in these bits that reading Japanese would be helpful – though the photos that go with the features give you some insights and inspiration.


I also love the styling and the way all the projects work so well together.


The diversity of projects cannot be beaten – there are so many different crafts, materials and techniques mentioned and they are all super simple. There are basic instructions in the back for each project but most of them are self explanatory. It’s about inspiration and showing you what can be done with a few simple materials and some great ideas.


I love to take this book on the tube with me to brighten my mornings and get me in the creative mood. I also love to relax and flip through this book with a cup of tea. The only problem is that after just a few pages you’re itching to get to your craft corner and start making something zakka yourself.

For more information you can check out the publisher’s international blog here and it’s well worth a visit – their books are just so gorgeous.

– Danni

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