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Waffle-knit face cloth pattern

I am prone to over-buying wool (and I think my partner in craft would also confess to being somewhat of a impulse craft buyer); in short, we’re both guilty of over-buying when it comes to craft supplies.

What tends to happen is the supplies increase but you struggle to use/store them in your space-shy London flat (I have a craft supplies storage issue). There are staples I use on a regular basis to make gifts and to sell on, but the materials that fall outside this tend to stay beautiful and mint (and in storage). This is true of some lovely cotton/merino blend wool I bought in the sale at Tangled Yarn about 2 years ago.  

I follow the wonderful Georgina Giles blog and recently spotted this post by her on knitted face cloths and I was inspired to finally use the above mentioned neglected wool for this pattern.

Here are the results:

3 balls of wool

This is a 50% extra fine merino 50% cotton blend wool by Louise Harding – works really well for this pattern

Waffle knit stitch

There is something very satisfying about waffle stitch.

Knitted face cloths

My plan was to make a blanket with this wool and actually if you knit enough of these waffle squares, you could sew them together to make a cute blanket.

Close-up of two knitted face cloths

More close-ups of the waffle stitch because it is so very satisfying

Knitted wash cloth and wool

Now I’m working on a third with the final orange wool

I really love this pattern – it’s simple to achieve, the end result is pleasing and the cloths would make lovely presents. It’s also a good one to take on holiday (I knitted these in Paris and Chicago!) as you only need one ball of wool and you can finish a whole project while away.



About thisischarlie

I'm Charlie Parker. Whilst I don't play sax I do play the ukulele. I'm a digital marketing professional living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I am prone to wanderlust, I ❤️ children's books and am a dedicated knitter.

5 comments on “Waffle-knit face cloth pattern

  1. roma1912

    A baby blanket would be soooo cute 🙂

    • cjpinlondon

      Thanks for the comment 🙂

      I totally agree – this yarn would be great for that too. So soft!

  2. Ha ha it’s the crafter’s curse I swear! There’s yarn all over my house, on the sofa, under the sofa, in the closet, next to the bed…and yet I still buy more!

    • cjpinlondon

      I’m surprised there isn’t wool actually coming out of my ears. Though with your order this week, I think you beat me when it comes to yarn hoarding 😉

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