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A selection of awesome drawing tutorials

This post is in celebration of doodling, doodlers and all doodle-kind.

Ed Vere

The awesome illustrator and writer Ed Vere draws Mr Big

Luke Pearson

I love this tutorial. I love birds. I love comics. I’m a Luke Pearson fan, and here he is teaching us how to draw birds:



Quentin Blake

Check out the legendary Quentin Blake’s site  which includes a video on how he draws in general.

Watch this wonderful Puffin Virtually Live Quentin Blake special (drawing starts at around 7:42) and you’ll get to see him draw some very familiar and beloved characters:

It’s Adventure Time!

For a final flourish, we’re ending on How to Draw Adventure Time:

Draw Adventure Time

Hope you enjoy and let us know in the comments if you try any of them out.



About thisischarlie

I'm Charlie Parker, one half of the craft duo Danni and Charlie do craft. I love crafting in all its guises, from baking to knitting to growing vegetables (which most definitely IS a craft). I am all about local - local wool, local shops, local communities. I am a novice drawer and doodler, my plan is to be better and do my own illustration zine and then hit the road with my wool and bearded Canadian. These are my dreams. Thank you for visiting my blogs.

4 comments on “A selection of awesome drawing tutorials

  1. Sol de Dezembro

    So cool!

    • thisischarlie

      Thanks for you comment 🙂 I think my favourite of these tutorials is the Luke Pearson bird one. So simple and so blooming cool!

  2. I think we need to bring some of these to doodle club!

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