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I’ve finally finished the quilt (well, pretty much anyway)

What is craft if not an on-going, lifelong undertaking…

I have many unfinished projects constantly nagging me to be completed. Such is the life of a knitter, come quilter, come aspiring dress-maker, come embroidery novice. But finally (after a rather long hiatus from blogging – thanks for holding the fort Danni!), I have finished the quilt.

The quilt on a chair outside

The finished (sort of) quilt!

This was not an easy project; I mean, in terms of quilting this was a piece of cake, but in terms of my own ability/patience/skill/sewing machine size, it wasn’t easy. In fact, it was a workout for both brain and body – injuries occurred. I captured most of the process in pictures below:

Sums for the binding of my quilt

Some more sums to mess with my head – figuring out how long the binding needed to be with pen and paper and numbers

I decided to use the leftover fabric from the backing as binding – after fretting over buying new fabric especially for this job, I read a quilting book that said “the essence of quilting is about using things up”. So this made up my mind for me.

Ironing the binding joins

This demonstrates my rather hit and miss attempt at creating a binding strip that was the same width. The iron I got for Christmas 2 years ago was finally used – I found this process entirely satisfying for some reason

Folding the binding strips

The binding strips then had to be folded in half and ironed (again, satisfying)

Pinning the binding strips to the quilt

Then the rather time-consuming process of pining the folded binding – starting from the back. There are two YouTube videos at the bottom of this post that I used (constantly, on repeat) to guide me through this process

Binding clip

These finally came into their own – although neither tutorial video I watched used them. I did find them handy as I’d not really made the binding wide enough and it was hard to hold it down.

Quilt and binding on the sewing machine

This kinda speaks for its self

The binding being sewed on the machine

The nerve-racking process of sewing the binding on.

So – here are a few points to note for these final stages of the quilt:

  1. I didn’t make the binding quite wide enough, nor was the width consistent – this meant that in one or two places the back didn’t get sewn in (hence the “pretty much” in the title). So that consistency is really important if you don’t want to end up hand sewing parts of the binding – and you don’t.
  2. My quilt isn’t properly squared off – but I love it all the same. I did notice much earlier in the process that it wasn’t square, but carried on regardless. If you have a bit of a thing for symmetry then I’d suggest paying more attention to this when cutting the excess fabric and stuffing and possibly better use of a tape measure.
  3. I struggled with the mitred corners on my sewing machine; the needle just wouldn’t pass through resulting in a LOT of unpicking. In the end, I just sewed up to the point when the fabric begun to bunch, stopped and then begun the other side after the bunching. This may come undone, but after numerous failed attempts I just couldn’t be bothered to do it the proper way any more. If I had done the binding better, there probably wouldn’t have been so much bunching. I blame being a newbie.

All of these finishing techniques, including mitred corners, are covered in both the below videos:


I’m really keen to make another one – perhaps with more geometric shapes this time. Let me know if you’ve had a go a quilting, or if you have any tips for those final finishes, in the comments below.


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One comment on “I’ve finally finished the quilt (well, pretty much anyway)

  1. Oh wow it looks fantastic! Well done my dear, I can’t wait to see it in real life xx

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