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House warming cushions – with awesome dog fabric

It’s all about the sewing…

Many of my crafty endeavours end up being obsessions; once I start I have to continue. Obviously, these obsessions come in waves (I haven’t knitted anything for months). As you might noticed, my current obsession is sewing.

I’ve sown pillows before, but not so precisely. Making the quilt made me more aware that I was winging it before. So for these pillows I followed a tutorial on The Guardian.

So here are the results in photos, I’ve love to know what you think:

Fabric and cutting board laid out

I absolutely love this fabric – bought as “fat quarters” from Cloth Kits in Chichester

Doggie fabric laid being measured

Measure, and measure again, and one for luck. I still messed up my measurements somewhere as it wasn’t quite the right size at the end. Must. Do. Better.

Ironing the fabric

As with my previous post on the quilt, I derived a lot of joy from ironing this project as I went. It gave it all a crisp finish that was pleasing. Obviously there is a practical reason to do this as well. It’s win win really.

Newspaper template laid out

Recycling a old newspaper seemed as good a thing to use as any.

Fabric laid out with the rotary cutter and ruler

The most nerve wrecking part of this whole process was cutting the lovely doggie fabric.

Ironing the backing fabric

Iron and iron again

All the constituent parts laid out ready for sewing

There was something incredibly pleasing about having all the final parts of the cushion ironed to sew together. Next nerve wrecking part: the sewing it all together part.

Ironing the backing fabric

Ironing the hem where the back of the cushion will join

Cushion, ruler, pencil and pins

Marking and pinning the edge for sewing

Sewing the cushion together

Things really got serious at this point

The cushion on the sewing machine

It was all coming together

The cushion sewed together

The moment of truth…first time it was perfect, second time I sewed the front fabric backwards and had to unpick the *whole thing*…

The cushions on a chair outside

The finished cushion!



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