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Craft all over the world – a break from the blog, but not from craft

Hello crafters,

It’s been a while, how are you? So, as my partner in craft mentioned in her previous posts, we both went through something of an upheaval…at exactly the same time. In fact, we both left our jobs (at that big bird-like publisher in central London) within a week of one another. If you’ve been with us a while, you would have expected no less.

This does mean we’ve both been in relocation chaos. My particular chaos involved moving into storage, a lot of paperwork, a woolly purge and, ultimately, travelling around the world. I am currently in Vietnam dodging motorbikes and eating pho. If you’re interested in my travels I am blogging over at http://www.apassagetoanywhere.wordpress.com

That does reveal that I’ve been neglecting the craft blog for one more travel/eating focused, but I promise I’ve been collecting craft posts from all over the world. And, to make up for a tiny bit of lost time, here are some morsels of craft from my travels so far:

The incredible Moulin de Larroque paper mill in France. We paid the €5 for the tour in French and gleaned enough of how the process of paper making worked. Naturally there was a trip to the shop afterwards:


Discovering craft in Barcelona – and there was plenty. A blog post to follow on this one (this was the first time after moving into storage that I caved and went on a crafty spree – I just couldn’t help myself):

Generally finding delightful knit shops everywhere, including this one in Porto. The urge to buy was strong:


After so many delightful shops, I was bound to buy some wool right? I don’t think I can be blamed. I purchased some beautiful grey alpaca wool from this shop in La Rochelle (you can see my purchase featured at the front of this picture – I think I’m going to try to knit a shawl from it):


Once I’d started buying things again, it was surprisingly easy to continue in that vein. No more so than in Finland, where my search for Scandinavian wool and knitting patterns was only tempered by the fact that all the shops were closed for most of Saturday and all day on Sunday. Still, this awesome paper shop in Helsinki was open just long enough on a Saturday for me to buy some Uhu glue, washi tape and a notebook. I think I have a problem:


And since reaching Asia, there has been no shortage of crafty shopping temptations. Here are some photos of just a few things:






I am also working on my own project while travelling, a knitted blanket with some detailed colour work sections. I am so close to finishing but I ran out of one of the colours! So it will have to wait until I get back to the UK to finish it. It does mean that the project is still on the road and is officially the best travelled project I’ve ever done. I’m tempted to write it’s backstory before I give it to its intended recipient.

Do you have any tales of travelling with your knitting? Or any awesome craft I should experience in South East Asia? Let me know in the comments. There are plenty more blog posts in the pipeline, I will be trying my darnedest to post while I’m on the road.

– Charlie


About thisischarlie

I'm Charlie Parker. Whilst I don't play sax I do play the ukulele. I'm a digital marketing professional living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I am prone to wanderlust, I ❤️ children's books and am a dedicated knitter.

2 comments on “Craft all over the world – a break from the blog, but not from craft

  1. Charlie!!! Your pics are amazing, I miss you crafty partner in crime. Hopefully we’ll meet up in December when we’re both back in the UK 🙂 For crafts in Southeast Asia you should check out weaving – there are so many places to see people hand weaving and you can even have a go! Also lots of beautiful Hmong embroidery and reverse appliqué too, especially in North Vietnam, Laos and North Thailand xx

    • thisischarlie

      I miss you too lady! Can we set a date to get bubble tea and hang out in the craft section of Foyles? I love our dates. They are well crafty and feature tea and books. Hope all is good in Lux – I need to hear all about it; we are way overdue a gossip. I also think we’re doing pretty well with the blog considering everything 🙂 xx

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