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Feeling crafty: 2015 knit and crochet

The wonderfully crafty Danni has been keeping busy on the blog, so I thought it was about time I pulled my woollen weight.

I have loads of posts from travelling in Europe, Russia and Asia – these will come in time (that time is required to wade through thousands of photos) – but for now I have some craft I’ve been getting on with so far this year.

First up, I am finally getting the hang of crochet and while I’m some way off being perfect, at least it looks like crochet stitches this time. This progress is in part thanks to Crochet Workshop, by Erika, and also thanks to YouTube and Danni herself (who talked me through the basics many months ago). Here are my 2015 attempts:

I’m definitely doing something wacky in the round, so will need to head to YouTube for further advice I think.

Next up – I finally finished the baby blanket. This blanket has travelled with me for the duration of my trip and, frankly, I wondered if I’d ever finish it. I do need to wash and block it (especially the colour work as this is bunching) and it could have been squarer (I messed up on measurements). But, as I made up the pattern I am happy with the results; small and perfectly formed as it is. Here are a couple of pictures, I’ll add the full pattern in more detail soon:

Finally – do you remember the waffle-knit face cloths? They went totally wild on Tumblr (at least 30 reblogs that is). I had one face cloth on the needles for ages and at last I finished it. I already gave the green one to a dear friend who was expecting, these two need new homes to go to as well. It’s one of my favourite patterns:

What projects have you been up to this year? Share your links in the comments because I love to have a gander.

– Charlie

About thisischarlie

I'm Charlie Parker. Whilst I don't play sax I do play the ukulele. I'm a digital marketing professional living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I am prone to wanderlust, I ❤️ children's books and am a dedicated knitter.

3 comments on “Feeling crafty: 2015 knit and crochet

  1. Mrs P

    LOVE the blanket x

    • thisischarlie

      @Mrs P – thank you! It was a labour of love and stripes 🙂 x

  2. I’m so happy to see your crochet! You’ll have to bring a hook with you to Luxembourg 🙂 I cannot wait to see these travelling pics x

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