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Friday fun: knitting on the silver screen

With the deluge of films and general film watching over the [now seemingly distant] festive period, I had inspiration for a knitwear in films post.

Here’s a lovely listicle of films that either feature some awesome woolly get-up or where the stars themselves pick up the needles and have a go:

Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany’s:

Holly Golightly tries her hand at knitting in Breakfast at Tiffanys

Holly Golightly tries her hand at knitting in Breakfast at Tiffany’s

Gromit in Wallace and Gromit’s A Close Shave:

Gromit knitting in bed

We’ve all been there Gromit – knitting in bed is a privilege, not a chore. And we couldn’t talk Wallace and Gromit without a nod to the “Knit-o-matic”. Classic Wallace.

The Dude’s cardigan in The Big Lebowski:

The dude in the Big Lebowski

Rocking that cardigan at the bowling alley. The dude abides and so does his choice of knitwear.

That hat in The Life Aquatic:

Steve Zissou sporting distinct  knitted headgear

Steve Zissou from The Life Aquatic on trend with this block-colour beanie.

And that other hat in Home Alone:

Kevin from Home Alone wearing a bobble hat

That hat: fair isle made even more awesome in Home Alone.

All the jumpers in Twin Peaks:

Audrey Horne from Twin Peaks

Twin Peaks is packed full of Lynch-esque style and there is covet-able knitwear in spades. This lovely jumper sported by Audrey is just one of many excellent examples.

Very necessary scarves in The Snowman:

The snowman and boy walking in the air

This knitting ends up in the puddle at the end. Much sadness, but an excellent choice of knitwear for a chilly flight in deepest winter.

Classic striped scarf from Harry Potter:

Harry Potter and that famous striped scarf

If only all school uniforms featured such fetching knitwear.

Celemtine’s arm warmers from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind:

Clementine from Eternal Sunhine

It’s nice to have variety, and these arm warmers sported by Kate Winslet’s character in Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind give us our first knitwear in the “gloves” category.

And finally, Bridget and Darcy before Christmas jumpers were so cool:

Bridget and Darcy looking delightfully festive in Bridget Jones' Diary

An awkward knitting moment in anyone’s book – Bridget and Darcy looking delightfully festive.

Did I miss any out? I am sure there’s far more filmic knitwear out there just waiting to be discovered – let me know any you think of in the comments.


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I'm Charlie Parker. Whilst I don't play sax I do play the ukulele. I'm a digital marketing professional living and working in Vancouver, Canada. I am prone to wanderlust, I ❤️ children's books and am a dedicated knitter.

One comment on “Friday fun: knitting on the silver screen

  1. Love this! One day I’ll knit a jumper as stylist as the Twin Peaks crew x

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