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The Joy of Crochet


Hello crafters,

I hope you all enjoyed the break.

I recently read an interesting article by textile artist Freddie Robins in the latest issue of Selvedge magazine about the growth in popularity of crochet (have you checked out this magazine? I just love it!) Whilst more and more people are crocheting, it suffers from an image problem and often gets bundled in with knitting. So often on Pinterest and Instagram I see wonderful “knitted” creations that are actually crocheted.

To clarify, knitting is done with two needles and crochet is done with a single hook. The main difference between the two apart from the tools is the fact that each stitch is completed in crochet before moving on to the next, whereas with knitting you keep the stitches on the row all open at the same time. I honestly think this is what makes crochet easier for beginners.

Crochet was my first love in the yarn crafts world, and I am no stranger to this common misunderstanding (is that snood hand knitted? No, it’s hand crocheted 😉 ) Of course no one wants to be pedant but I just want to encourage more people to take up this accessible craft, which for me was more instantly rewarding than knitting.

In fact Charlie, my crafty partner in crime, was not really a crocheter, and it has taken us nearly two years to rectify this. Regular readers may know that me and Charlie used to work together at Penguin books in London. However, in 2014 I moved to Luxembourg with a new job and Charlie left soon after to go travelling, so we have been separated for the last year and half. It’s been tough living without my craft wife and if we’re honest the blog has suffered from the distance and our crazy lives. However, Charlie is about to move to Canada so she came to visit me this weekend and much craftiness ensued! And I finally managed to teach her crochet. It was actually quite difficult as I’m left-handed and Charlie is right-handed, but we managed it. We took it with us our trips to Metz in France and Trier in Germany.


I’ll let Charlie share her experience of learning to crochet but as the teacher I had a lot of fun. I’m also pleased to have a new convert 😉

One of the joys of crochet is that you can crochet something small fairly quickly. In fact, this is my first ever crochet “square” ha ha:


And shapes are much easier, so you can crochet a whole accessory in one go, without having to save stitches here and there or sew bits up afterwards:



This versatility means that crochet is just as often used for yarn bombing as knitting, though it often doesn’t get the credit for it.

So next time you see a fantastical wooly shape, take a closer look – it might well be crocheted!

– Danni

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Hey! I'm the Danni half of the craft blog Danni and Charlie Do Craft. Maker, knitter, traveller who loves a good story & keeping it natural. I have one foot in Europe and the other in E Asia. 我会说一点汉语

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