Danni and Charlie do craft

Two ladies and a whole lotta wool

Craft Podcast

Danni and Charlie are going audio with a brand new crafty podcast that is simply named Danni and Charlie do a Craft Podcast (it does what it says on the tin). All the upcoming episodes will be posted on this page:

4 comments on “Craft Podcast

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  2. By Lara Craft

    Hello ladies! Just 2 suggestions if I may:
    (1) The sound was pretty low: in a quiet office I couldn’t hear even with the sound at the maximum, and on headphones I had to put it at 75% to hear something. So I guess for people who might listen the podcast in the street they won’t be able to hear it. Maybe it’s just my computer but I prefer to let you know just in case.
    (2) By publishing the podcast here on this page, people that are subscribed to your blog will not be notified (via RSS or WordPress). Even for people coming directly to your blog homepage, we don’t see there’s something new. I wouldn’t recommand to publish the podcast on this page but as “normal posts” but you could ALSO list all the podcasts here on this page.
    Otherwise it’s a nice first podcast, well done! How was it to do it? It seems you had fun. πŸ˜‰

  3. Ha ha I haven’t listened to this in ages! Thanks for the feedback, very useful – and for making me listen again, @cjpinlondon I miss you! We recorded this a couple of years ago when we were in the same office in a meeting room with a handheld device. It was a lot of fun, basically like one of our craft chats. We might try and revive it long distance (I haven’t mentioned this to you Charlie so FYI) so good to know we shouldn’t publish it here (it was more a test run so we never published it anywhere but here and SoundCloud). Also good to know it’s quiet – I’ve got super duper headphones so I can hear it fine, upon reflection it might make more sense to edit on normal headphones in the future!

  4. By Lara Craft

    Ho I missed the date indeed! πŸ˜€ Ha ha ok noted, well I hope you’ll continue! πŸ˜‰

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