Danni and Charlie do craft

Two ladies and a whole lotta wool

Essential craft kit

Here are just a few suggestions for the essential craft kit that we use ourselves and would highly recommend spending some of that rainy day fund on.


Knit Pro Circular Knitting needles – a must for any knitter and this set is rather beautiful. You can buy on John Lewis or in many knitting shops in London (Charlie bought her set in Loop in London, Danni bought her set in Wibbling Wools in Bury St Edmunds):

Knit pro circular kitOne of Charlie’s favourite online shops for wool purchases is Tangled Yarn, which is where she brought all the yarn for the much coveted angora hat:

Tangled Yarn logo


Danni’s favourite crochet hooks have to be those from Tulip as they so comfortable to grip. Whilst she picks hers up whilst she’s in Japan (or get’s her boyfriend’s mother to) they can also be bought in the UK at Purplelinda Craft.


There is so much Danni and Charlie could say about pens; but at least two things you need to know about pens for your craft kit can be found on this post.

Craft note pads

When you’re starting out, with your first ball of wool and one pair of knitting needles, an absolute must is a note pad. This book will contain every scrawl of an idea; will provide you fallback when you’ve all but forgotten where you are in the pattern; will be the place for craft doodles, thoughts and plans.

Even if this is the note pad you keep by the phone, take ownership of it and make it your crafty tome.

3 comments on “Essential craft kit

  1. Haruko-chan

    Beautiful knitting needles!

  2. cjpinlondon

    Thanks! They are really wonderful – as well as that, they’re great to knit with. Highly recommend 🙂

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