Danni and Charlie do craft

Two ladies and a whole lotta wool


Danni and Charlie like to sell their handmade crafts on the wonderful Etsy (they also like to shop there a lot too!)

Danni’s shop is called Handmade Ami and this is where she sells all of her creations, from felt garlands and washi necklaces, to wool bracelets and pompom earrings. She loves working with textiles in new and different ways, and that inspired the “ami” part of the name – in Japanese the character is used in the words for “weaving”, “crochet” and “knitting”. It also means “friend” in French, which is very fitting as the crafty community is super friendly.

You can visit her shop here.

Danni and Charlie now a shop together! They’re starting with simple kits but hope to expand in the new year. You can visit their shop here.

If you want to set up your own Etsy shop you can earn 40 free listings here (we’ll also get 40 free listings, win win!)

In terms of advice there’s the fab book The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin, as well as tons of super helpful blog posts on the subject and we’ll start collecting together here:

– HANDMADEOLOGY 10 Tips for Successfully Selling on Etsy

– ALL MY HEART SHOP (on LIZ MARIE BLOG) Etsy Tips and Tricks

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