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A Portable Travel Scrapbook

Hello crafters,

I hope everyone has been enjoying the sun this weekend! I had my first Pimms of 2013 this lunch time and it was glorious. I wore sunglasses and everything.

I’ve been back from Japan for about a week now and I already miss it. I had such a fantastic time, with lots of exploring, walking, eating and craft shopping. Check out this basket of goodies from the wonderful Wrapple in Tokyo:


As I’m still fresh from my travels I thought I would share my new favourite way to document my adventures on the go. I’ve done a lot of travelling and I’ve never been amazing at keeping up to date with a travel diary. Whilst I love writing, sometimes there just isn’t the time and I often put pressure on myself to make it all sound great. So this time I decided to talk a different approach. I bought one of those small sketch books you can buy in art supply stores (I got mine from Cass Art). I then used it like a mini scrapbook/diary/sketchbook by writing my thoughts, drawing things I’d seen and sticking in anything that caught my attention or reminded me of something I liked.



As it was so small and light I could carry it everywhere with me and update it on the tube, in a coffee shop or even mid-walk. I even kept my own dictionary in the back of phrases I found useful. And best of all the blank cover meant I could customise it however I wanted! Naturally I went for a washi tape/doily combo. I think I must have bought about 20 rolls.


I enjoyed flicking through it this afternoon and touching up some of my drawings. I think it’s the perfect size for a two week jaunt.

– Danni

Craft Candy Competition – Prize winners

Thanks to all those who entered our Craft Candy competition last month! The winners (selected by random as all the entries were great) are Victoria Lyons and Alice Naylor. Please send us your address so we can send you your prizes.

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